What are the Benefits of Concrete Coatings in a Commercial Setting?

Did you know that concrete is very porous? What that means is that your floor could be absorbing things that are harmful to both you and it. A solution to concrete’s natural porous nature is a concrete coating.

Our coatings are great at keeping water, bacteria, and other harmful substances out of your concrete. Concrete coatings are also great for keeping commercial properties clean and sanitary.

In commercial properties avoiding those harmful chemicals and bacteria is the best option, which makes our coatings a fantastic solution. When a concrete coating is being laid down a coving can be added to it. A coving is when our installers apply the coating a few inches up the wall creating a rounded corner along the edge of the room. By adding a coving you’re essentially creating a mini swimming pool. The advantage to this is the easy cleanability. No bacteria or other harmful substances can get stuck in the cracks at the edge of the room and with the coving extending up the wall it keeps those bottom few inches of the wall protected and just as easy to clean.

Our coatings are also perfect for garages and shops. Worried about oil or other harsh liquids staining or damaging your concrete floor? Worry no longer. After some testing in our shop, we can say that after two weeks all of our test liquids wiped up, with only brake fluid roughing up our top coat a bit. So bring on the mechanic work, our floors can handle it.

Another common issue in commercial concrete settings is the heavy wear on the concrete floor. Winter salt, spills, and heavy traffic can cause pitting, staining, and flaking in the concrete which becomes a hazard later on. Coatings protect your floor from those messy spills and damages leaving you with a long lasting safe surface to work on.