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La Crosse WI Basement Floor Project

Radiant Marble Flooring

La Crosse, Wisconsin

It’s dark and you’re running down the stairs to grab your golf clubs from the basement. The day is gorgeous and after the last week of crazy rainfall, all you want to do is go outside and enjoy it. Splash! Not again! This time you swear you’re getting it fixed and you’re finally going to be able to use your basement.

Dan and Rebecca’s basement remodel started out in a similar fashion. Knowing they wanted to do a basement remodel the next year they visited the Rochester Area Builders Home Show and met us, Paveman Designs. What they wanted was something to help with moisture problems, deal with that musty smell they never could seem to get rid of, and provide a beautiful space their whole family could enjoy. They dreamed of turning their downstairs space into another level of living area complete with a family room, bedroom, bathroom, and playroom for their daughter.

After their first appointment with us, they worked closely with our team to plan the floor of their dreams. This floor was going to last them a lifetime and it needed to be perfect. They chose to do one of our Radiant Marble Floors throughout the main living space and then just a solid color in the playroom, laundry room, utility room, and closets.

The process went smoothly, with the crew making the necessary repairs before diamond grinding the floor to create the perfect surface for the coating to bind to. After the prep work was done a lighter vapor barrier was applied to fix the moisture and smell problems. From there, the custom Radiant Marble coating was applied with a traction additive in the top coat to help keep the floor from getting slippery under their daughters feet.

A year later after a spring/summer of heavy rain the vapor barrier began to fail. We came back and evaluated the situation and we came to the conclusion that a stronger vapor barrier was necessary along with a few suggestions for landscape improvements to prevent future water issues. We ground the coating off and used a much stronger vapor barrier to hold back the water the second time around. Dan and Rebecca were even more in love with the second floor than the first. Here at Paveman Designs we stand by our work and the customer always comes first.

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La Crosse, WI


Basement Floor

Radiant Marble Concrete Floor

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“We originally met Justin (owner) in 2017 at the RAB home show, where we got to see samples of his work. We knew we’d soon be starting a complete basement remodel project (2018), and we didn’t want carpet in the basement, so we thought this was a viable option. The price was fair and reasonable when considering other hard flooring options. We chose a 3 color marbled design for most of the basement and a solid color for the remainder. Once we had a contractor lined up for the rest of the work, Justin quickly got started. The install process took less than a week: 1 day of prep, 1 day for vapor barrier, 1 day of base color, 1 day for marbling, and 1 day for protective coating. His staff is very kind, clean and considerate of dust control throughout the install process.

Fast forward a year later, the flooring had some bubbling around the edges and in the bathroom; high moisture areas. Justin quickly came up with a plan and offered to replace the entire basement floor, with an adjustment for a better vapor barrier to prevent future bubbles. The end result is even better than the 1st install, and I fully believe we’ll never see bubbles again.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice and we’re very impressed with Justin standing by his work and his guarantee for a better result in the end. We would (and likely will) hire Paveman Designs in the future when we tackle the top floor of our house. Thank you again for everything!”

Dan – La Crosse WI