How to Beat the Stress of Home Renovation

You’re so excited about your new home renovation project. Maybe you’re seeking to upgrade your man cave, or improve your entertainment space, regardless, home renovation comes with its own set of stresses.

From time consuming projects to DIY’s gone wrong, there are plenty of ways for a home improvement project to wreak havoc on your peace of mind. Read on below for some tips and tricks to keep yourself sane during your next home renovation project!

4 Ways to Manage the Stress of your Home Improvement Project


Of course you’re putting plenty of time (and probably money) into creating your dream space. With that being said, it can be super easy to become fixated on the nitty-gritty details. It’s not that we should take the details and throw them out the window, but stressing over every little thing is not going to help alleviate the stress of the project as a whole.

A great way to manage this is by having your non-negotiables ready to go when talking to your designers and contractors. “Non-negotiables” being the parts of the project that you absolutely won’t compromise on. Paveman Designs recommends picking your top 3 or so non-negotiables, that way you are getting what you want, without wanting to pull your hair out!

Understand The Process

Anytime you are working on a home renovation project, you should make sure you ask a lot of questions about the contractor’s process. This way, you will get an idea of what a realistic timeline looks like for your renovation.

Additionally, you want to make sure that you and your contractor are on the same page for the timeline. Setting clear deadlines for both progress and completion of your project will help you feel more organized and like you have a little more control over the project.

Construction is dirty

The final product will be beautiful, the process just might not be. There will be dust, tools, people, etc. No matter how many times your contractor wipes things down, there is going to be dust. If there is a surface that you’d really like to protect, try putting a sheet over it, but be aware that there’s no real way to avoid the dust.

Paveman Designs recommends asking your contractor what their dust control policies and procedures look like. Also ask your contractor what they recommend for cleanup once they are out of your hair. This will definitely help put your mind at ease!

Stay flexible

Probably the most important part of a home renovation project is to just be prepared for anything and everything. Know that it’s always possible for something to go wrong- and not at the fault of any one person. Try to stay flexible and optimistic. There’s no such thing as a perfectly smooth renovation project.

At Paveman Designs, we pride ourselves on serving others, don’t be afraid to lean on the team you have assembled to help you reach your home improvement goals. Accept from day one that your home improvement journey won’t be perfect, but the final product will be!

Paveman Designs

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