Cleaning and Maintaining Your New Floor

You just had a beautiful floor installed but your first thought is “How do I keep my floor looking this beautiful?!” Well here’s your guide to keeping your floor looking like perfection!

To Keep Your Floor Looking Like New:

  • Clean your floor on a regular basis.
  • Use felt pads on the bottom of chairs, furniture, or appliances to prevent scratches.
  • For office chairs, use rubber wheels, a chair mat or a rug under the chair.
  • Use a plastic edged shovel for snow removal. DO NOT use a metal edged shovel or a snowblower on the coating
  • For outdoor coatings, we prefer the use of cat litter, or you may use sand or salt to melt the ice.
clean concrete floor

Light Cleaning
For spot cleaning spills or fluid leaks use:

  • Paper towel
  • Soft Cloth
  • Clean Rag

If a spill leaves behind a film, a shot of Windex works wonders on removing the film and then rinse the area with warm water.

Floors with contraction joints: vacuum or sweep out the joints then proceed to lightly pressure wash or rinse with a hose to remove sand and salt.

Heavy Duty Cleaning
Our favorite Cleaning Solutions (neutral pH) are:

  • Simple Green
  • Purple Power
  • ½ a cup of ammonia, 1 gal. warm water

Use a foam or microfiber mop and rinse mop frequently with warm water. Spot clean with a SOFT scrub pad. For garage floors a squeegee works best with warm water.

Extra Notes
Deglossing of the floor may occur when:

  • Scrubbing too hard when cleaning
  • Using citrus cleaners or vinegar
  • Infrequent cleaning up of road salt, sand or debris

For interior floors, a dust mop provides 90% of your floor cleaning duties. Spot clean the same way as your would for your exterior or garage floors. If a film is left behind use a shot of Windex and some warm water to rinse with.

Some tires (ATV’s, lawnmowers, snowblowers, boats) may leave staining. Place a mat or carpet piece under the tires to prevent staining.