5 Designs of a Radiant Marble Floor

What many people don’t know is our Radiant Marble floors can be done in 5 different styles. These designs are created by applying the highlight colors differently to create a unique look to your floor. Each of our 5 different styles give a unique custom design for your floor.

Check out the different designs below. If you like a specific style, let us know! We’d love to create you a custom look for your floor.

Marbled Veins

The Marbled Veins style is created at three different levels. This style has one main highlight color with the other colors and amount of each color chosen by you. This style creates a natural marbled look, especially when done with white and grey tones.

Small thin “veins” – short and subtle against the background color
Medium “veins” – longer and thicker lines throughout
Large “veins” – long thick lines heavily mixing with the background color

Blooming Colors

With the Blooming Colors style, three highlight colors of your choosing, take center stage as they intertwine and “blossom” across your floor. Within this style your colors are equally spread across the floor creating a gorgeous bouquet of colors.

River Style

This unique style of floor is all about how the product is applied. The highlights all run in one direction, giving the floor an appearance of a river with currents flowing through it. This look can be achieved with just one color or multiple colors, all depending on the look you want to create. Additionally, any unevenness of the floor below the coating will help with color variation and flow of the currents.

Solid Color

The solid color floor is a simple yet beautiful Radiant Marble floor. The single highlight color flows with the contours of your floor creating a depth by how much of the base color is showing through. For a darker color variation, a black base is recommended and for lighter color variation, a white or tan base coat is recommended.

Star Bursts

Star Bursts are created when the highlight colors are applied in “bursts” of color on the main background color, creating the appearance of starbursts or polka dots. An example of this style of floor was done at Daube’s bakery in Rochester, MN. The theme of the floor was “Starry Night” and the star bursts throughout the floor set the background of the main part of the floor which was a large tree the length of the floor.

To learn more about our radiant floors check out our main radiant marble flooring page.