5 Applications of a Concrete Coating in Your Bar or Restaurant

Deciding on flooring for your bar or restaurant can be difficult. You want something that looks great and can stand up to the test of time. Finding flooring that works in both a dining room and a commercial kitchen that provides both aspects can be challenging to find, but is not impossible. Concrete coatings can handle multiple applications making your decision making process much simpler.

In this article, we have provided 5 applications where concrete coatings are a solution to your flooring needs.

Walk-in Cooler

Those in the service industry know how gross a walk-in cooler can get. Between spilt beer bottles, spraying kegs, spilt food, and constant traffic the cooler can get slippery and dirty fast. A coating can help with some of these problems and make your life easier.

  • Low maintenance & easy to clean
  • Traction Additive
  • Coving Corner – Fulfills regulations
  • Keeps your cooler looking like new

Dining Area

In a dining area the floor needs to not only withstand lots of traffic and abuse but also look pretty. You want your guest to come in and feel wowed with the room and their dining experience. Carpet absorbs stains and odors, tile has grout lines that stain and are difficult to clean, and vinyl is easily damaged. A concrete coating can be a great solution to any of these problems.

  • Presents that WOW factor to your guests
  • High durability with easy cleanability
  • Will be beautiful for years to come

Bar Area

Behind a bar, bottles and glasses get dropped and there are a lot of things being spilled. The bar floor can get pretty slippery and needs to be able to hold up against a lot of abuse. This is why a concrete coating is your best choice:

  • Industrial strength application to be able to withstand almost anything
  • Antimicrobial non-porous surface which can withstand hot grease, alcohol, soda and food spills.
  • Easy to clean for the end of the night


Patio dining is something all Minnesotans like to enjoy during the nice weather. Choosing what to do with whatever patio space you have can be a challenge. Concrete coatings can offer a wider range of options than leaving the concrete exposed or covering with an outdoor carpet.

  • Spice up an already existing small patio
  • Traction additive for when it rains
  • UV stable
  • Industrial strength to handle all weather


Bathrooms get dirty quickly and are hard to keep clean. Messes happen suddenly and need to be cleaned up quickly. Grout lines from tile can be hard to get clean and vinyl is too easily damaged. Here are some great reasons on why to get a concrete coating in your restaurant’s bathroom.

  • Can help move water and other substances towards the drain
  • Easy cleanability with coatings extending up the walls
  • Traction additive
  • Non-porous surface which can withstand any spills, drips, or dribbles